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Sneak Peek.

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a sneak peak of one of my newest Malec story that is currently unfinished and unpublished:

Magnus shrugged. “Just the way he looks at you- uh, not in that way, though!” he hastily added.


Panicked, Alec demanded, “Is it that obvious?”


“No!” Magnus said quickly. “No, it sn’t.”


Alec wasn’t convinced. “Simon knows?” he said incredibly. “But- but-”


“Oh, calm down, Alexander,” Magnus said tiredly.


“Alexander?” Max said, looking up at him. “Only Mom calls him that. He doesn’t like it when anyone else calls him that.”


Magnus smirked. “I know.”


“Anyone else?” Alec muttered. “Please. I hate it when anyone calls me that including Mom.”


“What about me?” Magnus asked, his smirk growing wider.

Alec blushed furiously. “You’re an exception,” he mumbled, and Magnus grinned.


Hey guys! I’ll be posting a St. Patrick’s Day one shot soon.I know I’ll be late, sorry. Here’s a sample:

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Alec!” someone screamed, jumping on top of Alec. He grunted and instantly shot up.

“Izzy!” he complained. “What are you doing?”

Isabelle grinned. “Just sayin’ hi!” she chirped.

And this one:

“Alec, you’re stepping on my toes-”

“Shhh! D’you want to wake him up?”

“Well, you’re walking too loud anyway-”

I’m walking too loud? You have high heels on!”

Izzy huffed loudly. “Whatever,” she snapped.

Alec inhaled a breath, trying to stay calm. “Get behind me,” he ordered in a whisper before slowly pushing Jace’s door open.’

Isabelle didn’t look too happy but she went behind him anyway. Alec was holding toilet paper and Izzy had toothpaste and the bucket. They tiptoed in and Alec unraveled some toilet paper.

“This’ll be fun,” Izzy cackled, grinning.

I’ll also be posting the Malec CoG scene soon, too.


Okay, I promise I am going to change the background of this blog (currently the books) so that we can see the comments better. But the new WordPress is driving me CRAZY because I’m so used to the old one, and I can’t figure out how to get to blog settings! I am so frustrated!