Whole World, a Malec One Shot.

Okay guys, since everyone ignored my begging for comments, and no one really gave an answer, I’m just going to post my stories here. This is a really short one shot of Malec. I promise you my other stories are longer…..usually….okay, sometimes!


Hey guys! This is another one shot from me for Malec! This takes place after CoHF, but there are no spoilers. Just your random, fluffy Malec-ness!

Magnus pinned Alec to the wall in his living room the moment Alec stepped in. Instantly he kissed him, gripping his hair.

“Mmph- Magnus!” Alec said, surprised.

“What? I missed you!” Magnus protested.

Alec smirked, putting Magnus on edge slightly. “Well, we were taught to finish what we start, aren’t we?” he whispered, and grabbed Magnus’s face, kissing him hard.

Magnus gasped, his eyes flying open for just a second before kissing back.

“Yes, we were,” Magnus said.

He pressed his lips against Alec’s harder making him moan, and forcing him to open his mouth. Instantly their tongues collided and fought for dominance. Magnus won, barely, and ran his tongue over Alec’s mouth. Alec practically melted into his arms and Magnus smirked, perfectly aware of the effect he had on Alec.

“I-love-you,” Alec gasped out between kisses.

“I love you too, darling.”

Magnus might be aware of the effect he had on Alec, but he knew Alec didn’t have a clue about the way he made Magnus feel.

“You are my whole world, Alexander.”

Alec blinked in surprise.

Then he smiled.

“You’re my whole world too, Magnus.”

Well, I’m sorry this is only 195 (not including the AN) words, but it was supposed to be short. What did you think? If I made any grammar mistakes, please let me know!



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