A Will and Jace Meeting.

Hey guys, so, I just found inspiration, so I figured I should write this. Will, Jem, and Jace meet. I’m about to literally just write this, unscripted, so maybe Tess will be there, maybe not, and sorry if it’s sucky..

Warning: Do you need one for a maybe-crappy-writing?

“Who the H** are you?” the boy with black hair asked rudely. Jem stiffled a laugh.

Golden Boy narrowed his eyes. “I am Jace Herondale- who are you?”

The black haired boy stared. “WHAT?” He swung around to look at Jem. ‘Jem?!”

“What?” Jem asked innocently.

“Who is this- this incredibly rude ugly boy?”

Jace raised an eyebrow. “Um, if by ‘incredibly rude ugly boy’ you mean ‘Incredibly rude super hot stuff boy,’ then you;re right.” He smirked.

Silently the other boy glared. Jem raised his hands. “Hey, your offspring, your problem.”

“Wait, what?” Jace asked, looking confused.

“Jace, this is Will. Will Herondale.”

Jace stared. “NO. Way,” he said.

“Sorry, it’s the truth,” Jem said, smiling.

Will and Jace stared at each other.

“You have a lot in common,” Jem told them, and they looked ready to kill him, before looking back art each other again, eyes narrowed once more.

“Ducks,” they said at the same time, “I hate ducks.”

There was a long silence. Besides Jem, Tessa, who had been silent so far, started to giggle. Jem looked down.

“Shut up,” Jace and Will said sharply.

When they only laughed harder, Jace turned to Will and said, “Attack?”

Will grinned, and said, “Oh yeah,” and that’s when Jem and Tessa began running.

The two Herondale boys ran after them, laughing themselves.


Okay, not my best work, I know. And don’t ask how Will was there, I don’t even know…


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